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Coins For Sale

Rolls of 50 1909 VDB Cents Above Circulated.
Only $445/roll.

Up to AU Many FineXF, Nice Coins. Only $445 per roll, postpaid or less than $9 per roll! Over a hundred years old, so may have some light circulation marks. None cleaned, polished or tampered with. Just nicer-than-average circulated coins of a popular one-year type.

Rolls of 50 Copper Nickel Indian Cents 1859-1864 CN.
Only $495/roll.

Nice mix with all dates, including at least one or two of all the better dates from 1859 to 1864CN. Only $495 per roll. All full date from Good to Fine or better. No two are exactly alike due to the uneven mixture of copper and nickel when struck or to toning over the past 150 years. Some may have light circulation marks or the normal amount of wear and tear as expected for this desirable Civil War Era coinage.

U.S. Cents

Half (1793- 1857)
Large (1793-1857)
Indian (1859-1909)
Lincoln (1909-1972)
2,3 and 20 (1864-1878)
U.S. Nickels
Shield (1866-1883 )
Liberty ( 1883-1912)
Buffalo (1913-1938 )
  Half Dimes (1792-1873 )
U.S. Dimes
Bust (1796-1837)
Liberty Seated (1837-1891)
Barber (1892-1916)
Mercury (1916-1942)
U.S. Quarters  
Bust (1804-1836)
Seated Liberty (1839-1891)
Standing Liberty (1916-1930)
  Washington (1932-Present)
U.S. Half Dollars  
Liberty Walking (1916-1947 )
Franklin (1948-1963)
U.S. Dollars  
Morgan (1878-1921)
  Peace (1921-1935)
  U.S. Type Coins
  Colonial Coins
U.S. Gold Coins  
  $1 Gold (1849-1889)


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